Rom Barnea

Rom Barnea is a Tel Aviv based multidisciplinary cultural entrepreneur, producer, photographer, social activist and curator.

Cofounder, Creative director at Pendulum creative agency.




Aerial photography

An NFT genesis charity collection aimed at rehabilitating the Dead Sea

Project Page

Belongings / Особисті речі


Social photography project

Ukrainian refugees' stories through personal items that were carried across borders

Project page

Mid East Storytellers


Curation, facilitation

Mid East Storytellers is an amplifying platform for content created by Palestinian and Israeli Peacebuilders.

Produced with Noa Urbach (PENDULUM), ALLMEP and B8 of Hope

Project website


Pendulum group exhibition. Curated by Rom. Displayed at Kulturmarkthalle, Berlin & Cukoo’s Nest, Jaffa galleries. Poster designed by Or Edny

Action Cards – Photo-therapy playing cards which were created alongside children with special needs by Rom's facilitation. A partnership with Chimes Israel.

Excerpt from Fish Out of Sea’s book, featuring work by Refugees living in camps on the greek islands of Chios & Lesvos

IN/OUT, 2019 – A photography exhibit curated and produced by Rom in partnership with ENOSH, Israeli Mental Health Association

Action for the Oceans, displayed at Selina Chelsea, NYC for the UN’s World Oceans Day 2021. Featuring the work of youth climate activists from all over the globe. Produced by Noa Urbach (PENDULUM) and Rom, alongside Peace Boat US.

Creatures Made of Sand, 2018, Feauturette directed by Rom & Omer Barnea

The West Bank & Me, photojounalism project, 2020

Workshop process, ENOSH Mental Health Association

In Our Eyes. Group photography exhibition produced for Equal rights for the disabled month, Hertzliya, Israel.

LUMINO, 2019, Salvaged wood light fixtures made with Nimrod Astarhan

ASPECTRUM, 2020, curation and facilitation of a group project cerated by parents to children with ASD.

Fish Out Of Sea exhibit at Whitebox Gallery, NYC, In cooperation with VICE Impact



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